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Valerie Loureda – All about her Battle, Lifestyle, and career goals

Valerie Loureda is a well-known American MMA fighter. She is born on 19th July 1998 and gave us an example that “age doesn’t matter to achieve success and grow in life. We usually call her by a nickname called ‘Master.’ Jorge Masvidal from Florida trained her. Valerie is also an Olympian who graduated from Florida International University.

Valerie Loureda’s Family

Her father is from San Francisco. He owns and operates Master Franks Taekwondo academy at 13911 SW 42nd St. in Miami. Her father was born in 1962 in Valencia, Venezuela. He is a great master and had won the 18th-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Valerie Loureda Career

To date, she had won 3 titles back to back in her MMA career. She is pretty hot, especially in the ring. Valerie fights like a Chinese Shaolin master. Moreover, she had shared an excellent career affair with former UFC champion Joanna Jendrzejczyk.

Valerie Loureda Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Valerie Loureda

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Valerie Loureda Wiki

Valerie is a pro athlete and also a model. Hence, her capabilities are quite the one to brag about. People also saw a steep increase in the number of her Insta followers. The increment was from 200k to 600k. This was mainly during the period when Valerie achieved victory in the second Bellator.

She has got a large number of male followers. Currently, Valerie is single. Most of her fans feel that there is something fishy about her. According to several sources, it suggests that Valerie Loureda had settled down in her personal life.

Valerie Loureda Physical Strength

People know Valerie Loureda to be very strong and extremely hot. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches, and her weight is 125 lbs. She is a super-hot model. Apart from being an MMA athlete and a world-known martial artist, she is also a well-known Taekwondo fighter in Olympics. Valerie Loureda is quite popular on Instagram as well.

Valerie Loureda Net Worth

After winning the Olympics medal, Valerie earned a cash prize of over $50,000. Being a model has helped Valerie to gain from various promotional deals. As a swimsuit model, she makes $10,000 thousand to $15,000 per shoot. For her launch fight in Bellator, she earned around $3000, and additionally, she earned $3000 as a bonus. Valerie also received promotional bonuses from Insta ads in various energy drinks companies. Therefore, we can conclude that her sources of income are pretty high.

Valerie Loureda age

Valerie Loureda is quite young, presently 23 years of age as of 2021. Her birthday is on 19th July, 1998.

Valerie Loureda vs. Hannah Guy

It was Hannah Guy who was the first person to defeat Valerie. In spite of the fact that Guy faced a few hardships at first, he rebounded. He came back stronger and defeated her. According to her fans, she hardly had any energy left while going into the third round. Thus, she could not compete with Hannah Guy to her full potential. Therefore, Hannah Guy emerged victorious.

Valerie Loureda Brian Ortega

Brian Ortega is another super fighter who took the world to its heels after defeating the veteran fighter Frankie Edgar. Brian shocked his fans with his lightning speed that he used to emerge victorious against Edgar. Thus, fans love both Valeria and Brian equally for their unique talents.

Valerie Loureda’s life goals

The news of the various achievements of Valerie Loureda keeps spreading all over social media, increasing her reach. Thus, this is how people all over the world started to love and respect her. Loureda has a vast dedication to what she does. Most importantly, she focuses on becoming the champion. Valerie Loureda had faced many hurdles in her life. Slowly, this is what had made her stronger, both mentally and physically. She had faced various professional fights in her career.

In various interviews, Loureda said that the brutal and intelligent fighting methods have led her to grow and win many battles. While supporting the American team, she signed the contract with Viacom CBS-owned for the promotions.

Valerie Loureda stats

Currently, she is a full-time fighter, keeps on a meticulous track record, and gives her best performance to achieve feats in life. To sharpen and expand her brand, Valerie Loureda often takes instances from Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato. Her passion for fighting helps the growth of her market.

Once, people spotted that one of her opponents had criticized Loureda and accused her vocally of a fight. We know nowadays women fall under harassment on various occasions. In case you are wondering, once, Valerie Loureda has also been harassed online almost every day.

Even of such bullies and harassments, whenever she entered the cage, she gave her best. Valerie Loureda hardly used to worry about the pains she can receive in a fight. Loureda once wanted to become a dancer. But at the same time, Valerie also wanted to become an expert in martial arts. But with time, Valerie Loureda chose the difficult path and achieved all the success she aimed at.

Valerie Loureda’s tragic life

We had come across one of the bad and shocking experiences about her life that she met with a car accident a day before she agreed to fight with Graff. Additionally, her grandfather, too, faced a severe fate. He died from Covid-19. Therefore, this was a difficult phase of her life. But she struggled and worked hard enough to overcome it. The strong mentality of Valerie led to her speedy recovery. Most people who speak ill behind her often confuse whether she is a dancer or an athlete. This is because Valerie has achieved glory in both fields. In most of the news channels, we hear her interviews and get influenced by her struggles.

Therefore, this was all about the great fighter Valerie. We respect her as a role model, and she keeps on inspiring millions of hearts. Hence, we can uphold her story as the best example for those who fight hard to achieve success in their careers.