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Things to Look For in Yoga Apparel – Yoga Poses, Videos, Meditation and Community

Thanks to social networks, the market for leggings and sports bras continues to grow every day. Instagram’s quick search will show you thousands if not millions of yogis with their agreed outfits. However, not all brands and products are manufactured in the same way and these factors should be taken into account when choosing the right equipment.

Things to Look For in Yoga Apparel – Yoga Poses, Videos, Meditation and Community

Equipment and comfort

When it comes to yoga clothing, the absolute nose is cotton, jeans and wool – they’re not designed for physical activity, at least not the kind we need. Bamboo fabric has become popular lately, and Shape explains it by its lightness, breathability and waterproofness. It can also be worn for other activities, such as running, which indicates that the sweat and odor can be controlled. Other worthy alternatives with similar properties are nylon, polypropylene, Tenzel and classic spandex. The type of fabric used will affect your comfort in class. Test the breathability that is essential for more intense styles such as warm yoga. Moisture control is also necessary to prevent the sweat in the carpet from melting and sliding out of position.


If yoga poses you in very curved postures, you need your pants and top to get there. When fitting clothes, try a few poses in the locker room to test your ability to stretch. It may sound crazy, but it’s better than hearing your pants rip when you try to fold your leg forward.


Another reason to try on yoga clothes before buying them is to make sure they are transparent. In 2013 Lululemon had to remember a pair of yoga pants because they were too transparent. It can be very embarrassing for you and other health professionals to see your underwear through clear leggings when you are on a dog run.

Compliance and coating

As we said here, loose peaks can be annoying during training, especially if you stand on your head and your head slips. Find the right clothing for sufficient mobility without too much moisture. It is also important to think about enlightenment. Since you have to share your room with other people, make sure your clothes are not too distracting. For example, if your clothes are too colorful or too open, they can distract you from other people’s practices.


In addition to practical considerations, it is also important to know whether the clothing makes you feel comfortable or not. This affects your ability to train or whether or not you are lying on the mat. You can wear a silhouette on the underside that increases your mobility and helps you achieve the right shape in the corners. Woman Within has many different shapes that are perfect for regular yoga outfits, such as high waist, underwear with belly control and shape tanks. This is especially useful for mothers who are trying to get back in shape, but need extra compression in the middle of the incision when recovering from pregnancy-related illnesses. Of course, make sure they stretch out and do not restrict movement or hinder breathing.

Respect for the environment

Many people don’t really think about where their clothes come from, but yoga is a way of life that practices non-violence. Yogapedia explains that it is Ahimsa or non-violence, and it is the most important of the five holes that help a person lead a moral life. There is talk of non-violence towards oneself and other living beings, including the environment. Investigate how different clothing companies work and find out if they use sustainable practices so that our desire to feel good, feel good and stay healthy is always in accordance with the principles of yoga.