How Yoga Strengthens the Mind Body Connection

How Yoga Strengthens the Mind Body Connection

Abstract: This blog describes the relationship between body and mind and how yoga helps to strengthen this relationship.

How Yoga Strengthens the Mind Body Connection

Yoga is one of the oldest philosophies on this planet and one of the oldest sciences still practiced today. Born in Vedic times on the Indian subcontinent, this spiritual science is known in almost every corner of the world. The rise of leaders such as Swami Vivekananda, M.K. Gandhi, Sivananda Saraswati, and others in the 19th and 20th centuries has been an important source of inspiration for the development of the Church. The 20th century opened the door to the spiritual nature of yoga to inspire a diverse world population. These opinion leaders advocated a global movement based on the spiritual beauty of yoga. This spiritual wisdom is inherited from the idea of a deeper connection of mind and body through yoga.

Yoga is not a religion. It is science, the science of wellness, the science of youth, the science of integration of mind, body, and soul
– Amit Ray, Indian Spiritual Mentor.

Understanding the connection between body and mind


There’s a lot of talk about the mind-body connection. If we take a closer look at this idea, we see that the relationship is worth investigating. Mind and body are the dominant forces in the movement of mankind, making life possible through the proper functioning of mind and body in harmony.

Historically, the management of the relationship between body and mind has been at the forefront of yoga. Since its birth on Indian soil over 5000 years ago, Yoga has been the only goal – to achieve liberation from the problems of the materialistic world. Even today, the connection between body and mind is controlled by yoga practices. The best way to achieve liberation is to gain knowledge of one’s own life through personal attention to the mind-body connection.

Empowering your personality with yoga

Strengthening the personality through yoga

The link between body and mind plays a decisive role in personal development. Integrating the beauty of yoga into everyday life contributes significantly to personal development and self-confidence. Yoga postures can be difficult to practice, but with constant effort, you will find consistency and lightness, and pride is born in the soul. This gives the practitioner not only strength but also fulfillment. Under the right conditions, the brain and the bodywork together to reach their full potential. When you enjoy your work and feel safe, every part of your body reacts perfectly. This is the effect of yoga on a person who loves his practice. Take part in a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Rishikesh and use the wonderful teachings of the ancient philosophy to create a stronger bond between mind and body.

Yoga asanas striving for physical fitness

yoga ash

Yoga means union, the fusion of all the elements of the universe. The scope of this ancient science encompasses almost every aspect of life. The philosophy of yoga says that the best of oneself can only be achieved when mind, body and soul work together in harmony. As many believe, yoga is useful for physical strength – muscles tighten, the spine stretches, the body becomes more supple. The same series of postures for yoga is also a promoter of the mind. When you enjoy a dog’s descent, you may feel a change in the blood flow to the brain and in the connection with breathing. This conscious connection between mind and body helps the mind to improve its ability to act quickly and stay calm in difficult circumstances.

Concentration and strength in-Yoga

The power of Yoga

Every yoga posture contains the beauty of physical and mental qualities. Although muscles, bones, and joints play an astonishing role in the success of yoga practice, we must not lose sight of the contribution of breathing and concentration. When you take a yoga class, you go through each yoga asana step by step. Each step is defined for breathing – either inhalation or exhalation. In this way mind, breath, and bodywork together while enjoying the practice of yoga. According to the philosophy of yoga, body, and mind always interact. Each of these elements cannot be considered as a separate part of the human body.

Yoga Asanas for connecting brain and body

Let’s look at some of the yoga postures that promote the connection between the mental and physical aspects of life.

  1. Bhujangasana: Budjangasana is an incredible workout that allows the mind to focus on fitness. The reason why the cobra posture promotes the connection between body and mind is that it not only heals the hips, thighs, and shoulders, but also the heart. It is practiced when you lie down on the mat with your face facing the floor. Lift your chest while pressing your palms on the ground for support. Hold the body in this position for a few seconds and connect to the inspiring and expiratory flow of the chest to feel the enormous energy flow and the opening of the heart. Spend some time in this position in the morning to enjoy the great connection between mind and body.
  2. Bakasana: Although the Bakasana is an advanced yoga asana, its role in mind-body relationships is amazing. Also known as the Raven posture, her practice consists of holding the full weight of her body in the palms of her hands while her knees are on her triceps and her thighs are raised. Bakasana’s theory is interesting, it teaches to heal not only physical well-being but also mental concentration. It is quite a challenge to face the earth with the determination to keep your body in balance. Here the mind and bodywork together to overcome the fear of escape and connect with the power from within, and here the mind and body connect with each other.
  3. Savasana: Between all the conversations about strength, energy, flexibility, etc. is the beauty of relaxation. Peace is just as important as physical activity when it comes to achieving success at the highest level of yoga and life. There are moments in life when your intelligence and physical strength are tested in the same way. You often find yourself in a situation that needs both your mental and physical energy to work in harmony. By practicing yoga, your body and mind can cope well with such stress, and you can begin to understand that stress just begins to dissolve. If you have a sustainable practice, that bond and peace will stay with you everywhere. There can be no more realistic example of a mind-body connection than this one.

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