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The Donkey Kicks: The Exercise That Strengthen Your Glutes

Donkey Kicks: In Today’s world, men and women are focusing a lot on their physical fitness. Strengthening the glute muscles has become a trend among several urban women and that doesn’t mean that men not favoring their glutes to be strengthened. Though there are several physical exercises are in cards to strengthen your glute muscles, donkey kick workouts will make your dream come true on strengthening your glutes. Well, the donkey kicks aren’t something that hard to be done. In fact, it is pretty simple to do it.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss more doing donkey kicks and the benefits offered by performing donkey kick exercise at home.

What is a Donkey Kick Exercise? Why did It name as Donkey Kicks?

As many thinks, this exercise named after the animal’s movement since it mimics the movement aptly. However, by doing this donkey kick exercise you can able to perfectly shape your body particularly by strengthening the biggest and bulkiest glute muscles.

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As far as the statement produced by the best physical trainers around the world this donkey kicks produce the best outcome when compared with all other existing leg exercises. And a person who manages to do it on a regular basis will definitely witness significant changes on donkey kicks before and after body shape especially on their back.

How to do Donkey Kick Exercise?

Let’s elaborate on how to do this awesome physical workout donkey kick at your home. The most notable part of doing this donkey kick exercise is, you don’t need any physical equipment to do it. Here are the steps to follow for doing donkey kick exercise.

  • Get down to the floor with your hands placing the floor and positioned straightly under your shoulders. Similarly, kneel yourself by placing your knees under hips.
  • By doing so, make sure your backside is pretty flat
  • By the way, you should lift your chin towards upward in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Now, without turning your spine, give movement to your lower abdominals by bending your right knee exactly 90 degrees and lifting it straight and again lifting it upwards by pointing the ceiling.
  • Repeat the same process for the left knee.

If you are still confused, you can just watch it down on YouTube. Apart from the above mentioned basic donkey kick exercise, you can do it with a variety of variations. Here are the lists of variations including Standing Donkey Kicks that you can do for muscle stretching.

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Top 10 Donkey Kick Exercise Variations

  1. Straight Leg Donkey Kick

It is pretty similar to the basic one; you should keep your hands and feet in the same line and straighten your lifting leg which should be parallel to the floor.

  1. Donkey Kick with a Flat Arm

For doing this, you should follow the standard basic donkey kick position and keep moving your arms flat while lifting the alternative leg of yours parallel to the ground. Keep repeating this with alternative arms and alternative legs.

  1. Leg Outstretched and then Tilt

It is a slightly different one from the above mentioned 3 basic exercises. Here you should bend your leg while stretching the other leg exactly perpendicular to your body. Side by side your arms should be raised above your head.

  1. Donkey Kick with a Kick

Let keep your body in the standard basic donkey kick position, now keep forearms flat on the floor. Now keep your elbows down and raise your leg (raise over your head) and kick out.

  1. Donkey Kick with Side Kick

Just like the standard donkey kick position, you should keep your hands flat down to the floor and keep both legs in line. Now, lifting leg should point your side instead of rising to backward. The leg should be lifted around your elbow height, keep doing this stretch for both legs.

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  1. Donkey Kick with SideKick and Kick Out

Well, the name of this stretch might let you imagine the workout to do. This exercise is exactly similar to the Donkey Kick with SideKick. However, instead of lifting your leg to sidewise and dropping it back, you should do kick outstretch after reaching the maximum height of your elbow. Repeat this for both legs.

  1. Donkey Kick Circle

Well, this exercise brings you slight variation in the basic donkey kick straight leg movement. What new in this is, you should move your body in the circular motion while lifting your leg to maximum height. Keep doing this for both legs.

  1. Donkey Kick Elevated Leg Side Kick

Just like the donkey kick with a sidekick and kick out, however, for doing this your leg should be completely elevated off from the ground while kicking and stretching.

  1. Donkey Kick with Elevated Leg and Arm

This one is similar to the Straight Leg Donkey Kick; however, while stretching your leg your opposite arms should be lifted. Repeat the exercise for both arms and legs without touching the ground.

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  1. Elevated Side Donkey Kick

As the name suggests, you should stretch your leg by lifting back and sideward to its maximum. You should do this stretching activity multiple times by keeping your legs not touching the floor.

Benefits of Doing Donkey Kick Exercise

Donkey kicks are the perfect one for people who loves to develop their stability and to tone their physical appearance. However, the main Donkey Kicks benefits lie on shaping your booty that has your body’s largest 3 muscle glutes. In addition, it will offer a significant benefit to your core and shoulder muscles.

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This exercise is mainly suggested for the people involved in a long time desk job. Since it offers little stretch to their body muscle it will surely improve the sitting posture and also prevents hip or spine injuries of the desk job workers.


Donkey kick is not that kind of physical work out that every person should spend for 30 to 45 Min. It is a simple stretching move that everyone can do it within 10mins and suggested to do around 5 times a week at your home. Hope, the above-mentioned information would be useful and it will be a perfect learning curve for your physical training.

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