“Political” View On Citizenship Law Protest Make Controversy Over Army Chief’s Statement

Army chief Bipin Rawat today criticized violence during protests over the citizenship law, saying “leaders aren’t those that lead masses in arson and violence”. He was immediately called out for taking sides while still occupying an office that has got to be neutral and apolitical. “Leadership is all about leading. once you move forward, everybody follows… But leaders are those that lead people within the right direction.

Leaders aren’t those people that lead people in inappropriate directions, as we are witnessing during a sizable amount of university and college students, the way they’re leading masses of crowds to hold out arson and violence in our cities and towns. this is often not leadership,” said the outgoing Army chief, at an occasion in Delhi on Thursday.

General Rawat, who is thanks to retire on New Year’s Eve, has spoken for the primary time against the huge nationwide protests against the Citizenship Act. a minimum of 20 people have died, mostly in Uttar Pradesh, in clashes between protesters and therefore the police, who have also been caught firing at the gang in many cases. Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had denounced the destruction of property during the protests, saying rights went by with duty.

“I want to ask people that resorted to violence in Uttar Pradesh to take a seat reception and ask themselves whether what they did is sweet or not. They destroyed buses and property that belongs to the longer term generation,” he said. The Army Chief’s comments were criticized as too political for a military chief by opposition parties just like the Congress. “Army Chief Bipin Rawat speaking against #CAAProtests is wholly against constitutional democracy.

If Army Chief is allowed to talk on Political issues today, it also permits him to aim a military takeover tomorrow!!” – tweeted Brijesh Kalappa, a spokesperson of the Congress. “Leadership is knowing the bounds of one’s office. it’s about understanding the thought civilian supremacy and preserving the integrity of the institution that you simply head,” tweeted Asaduddin Owaisi, Hyderabad MP and chief of the AIMIM. Some who came call at General Rawat’s support, however, said he was within his rights to talk as a citizen of the country.

Lieutenant General Manoj Mukund Naravane is about to become subsequent army chief. General Rawat is widely tipped to be the primary Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), a post which will function as one point of contact for various branches of the soldiers and because the Principal military advisor to the Defence Minister on tri-service matters. Reports suggest Northern Army Commander Ranbir Singh is additionally within the race. So far, the govt has maintained the suspense.

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