A 7 Months Old Baby Sworn-in as Texas, Becomes Youngest Mayor

A seven-month-old infant has been sworn-in as the mayor in a Texas county, turning into the youngest mayor in US history. William Charles McMillian, referred to as Charlie, turned into on Sunday sworn-in as mayor of Grimes county, located in southern Texas.

Charlie wore a tuxedo for the occasion and changed into welcomed via a cheering crowd of around 150 humans. Nancy, the adoptive mother of the new mayor, said he was tolerant toward all businesses and has the slogan “Make America Kind Again”, Newsweek reported. “Whether you are Democrat, Republican or Independent, Charlie loves you,” she stated. The slogan looks as if a veiled dig at US President Donald Trump’s often repeated ‘America First’ slogan.

How did a seven-month old childturn out to be the mayor? Well, for starters the mayoral function taken up by means of Charlie is an honorary one. It is auctioned everyyear at a fundraiser of the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department. The winner of this yr’s auction, hung on October 20, changed into Charlie. He will serve the community for a yearuntil his “tenure” ends.

“He [mayor Charlie] just sat there and form of goo-goo-ga-ga’d over the humans that had been all around, like a happy little kid,” stated Josh Fultz, a councilman from the close bytown of Navasota,” Newsweek added.


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