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47 Leftover Turkey Recipes for After Thanksgiving

47 Leftover Turkey Recipes for After Thanksgiving

Turkey is a growing medium, so you want to make sure you get the most out of your turkey leftovers. Ban the boring sandwiches with these healthy and unworthy turkey recipes from all over the world!

These fragrant and creative recipes will destroy the traditional idea of the sandwich and make you thankful for the turkey over and over again:

  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Paleo
  • Quick and easy.
  • Requests for participation

Pay attention: Many of the recipes below require extra turkey. You can replace your favorite organic chicken stock or bone stock or just take the bones (after removing most of the meat), put them in a large broth with carrots, onions and celery and cover them with water. Bring the heart to the boil, then put it back in place and cook slowly for 3 to 4 hours. Here’s a tip: Your broths will become cloudy if you boil them while they are still boiling; for best results, boil them softer. Tear the turkey stock and use it if you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE : We recommend the use of natural sweeteners such as raw honey, real maple syrup or organic coconut sugar to make the most of these recipes. Also exclude traditional cow’s milk products and use coconut milk, almond milk or organic goat’s milk or cheese instead, replace table salt with sea salt, replace rapeseed oil and vegetable oil with coconut butter, olive oil or melted butter.

Here are 47 great turkey recipes.


1. Indian Potion

Slow cooking deprives the bones of their nutrients during this round of the turkey. Conjis are a convenient food throughout Asia, and although deliveries may vary, the process is the same. The turkey stock, rice and vegetables will certainly warm you up from head to toe.

Turkey Congee

Photo: Turkey Congee/

2. Turkey soup with vegetables

So you’ve eaten sandwiches, salads and stews to eat the turkey, hoping you only have a little turkey on the bones for this recipe for intestinal healing. A long cooking time is needed to remove the nutrients from the bones. Make it in a slow cooker and add water if necessary.

3. Soba Turkey Noodle soup

Make yourself comfortable with a bowl of noodle soup; the dog is a paradise during the winter months. This healthy recipe uses leftover Thanksgiving turkey bones and skin to make a delicious cup of soup made from broth, fresh vegetables, turkey and buckwheat dog dumplings.

TurkeySobaSoup with noodles

Photo: Turkey Dog Noodle Bowl/Turkey

4. Coconut, turkey and lime soup with rice

Try this trick on turkey soup! Lime juice, ginger and coconut milk take roast turkey to the next level. Don’t forget to add fresh herbs from above, because they are really good for your health and really brighten up the scents.

Turkey soup Photo: Turkey and rice soup with coconut and lime / calina kitchen

5. Fiesta Turkey Tortilla soup

South of the border the traditional tortilla soup is made with turkey. This universal recipe is perfect for leftover turkey or chicken. Black beans, corn and salsa turn the leftovers into an inspired Mexican feast.

6. Lemon barley Turkey soup

We first eat with our eyes, then with our nose and finally with our taste buds. This soup is beautiful, and the smell of the combination of herbs and spices makes your mouth fall off before you even take your first bite.

Turkey and lemon soup barley

Photo: Lemon barley turkey soup,

7. Leftover roast chicken soup with roasted vegetables

Although this recipe uses chicken leftovers, it’s a great way to use the rest of the turkey after Thanksgiving! By roasting the vegetables before adding them to the soup, a rich flavour is created that brings out the best in each vegetable. For your health, throw the spinach in a few pens just before serving.

Leftover roast chicken soup with roasted vegetables

Photo: Leftover Roasted Chicken Soup with Fried Vegetables / All cereals

8. Sweet potato, turkey and cranberry soup

One recipe, three Thanksgiving leftovers! Clean the fridge with this hot soup that turns turkey and sweet potatoes into hot soup. Replace heavy cream with coconut or almond milk as a healthy alternative.

9. Cultivated turkey soup

Try this set-it-and-forget lunch with my light turkey croutonsoup. To use the remaining turkey, just boil everything together and add the cooked turkey (about 2 cups) in the last half hour.

10. Turkey and white beans

Jump over a pond with this British version of chili in this turkey recipe. Adjust the spice content to the amount of chilli and cayenne pepper to your taste. Banks is the British name for cans, and 500 grams corresponds to just over 2 cups.

I always recommend avoiding canned food so I can replace it with frozen or cooked beans. Mix the batch as prescribed and enjoy.

11. Tuscan turkey and white bean soup Gluten free

Travel through Italy to buy this fresh gluten-free soup and use the rest of the turkey. Beans and turkey increase the protein content, while vegetables and fresh vegetables provide excellent nutrition, taste and texture. This soup won’t disappoint you, it might be the next best thing to eat off a plate in Tuscany.

Tuscan Soup

Photo: Gluten-free turkey Tuscan turkey and white liquor soup / Lee Hershee, Gourmet food preparation equipment


12. Turkey salad with cranberry sauce

Clear, beautiful and perfect as a salad, a sandwich or even a rice cracker for a crispy and healthy snack. Walnuts, the rest of the roast turkey, celery, cranberry sauce and lemon syringes are combined with a vegetarian mayonnaise.

13. Autumn turkey and apple salad

Fresh and bursting with false flavours, this salad contains mixed herbs, leftover turkey, apples, nuts, cranberries and cheese. Replace the traditional cheddar with your favourite raw milk cheddar.


Photo: Indian Autumn and Apple Salads / Brian’s Pictures on Cabbage Muffins and Chips

14. Carrot salad with Harissa, Feta and Mint

This delicious salad, seasoned with traditional North African herbs, carrots and cheese, is the perfect way to season the turkey left over from Thanksgiving. Just throw away a few turkey pieces and enjoy the cheerful crispy and aromatic taste of Charissa. Charissa is a mixture of dried chilli, herbs, garlic and lemon.

15. Cups with South-West Turkey or Chicken Salad

The crispness comes from the fresh lettuce, and the southwest aromas penetrate. Replace the remaining roast turkey in this recipe and make sure you use organic corn kernels to avoid GMOs.

Salad bowl

Photo: Liz Della Croce, lemon peel

16. Asian style Turkey Salad Jamie Oliver

We go to Asia with cashew nuts, mint, coriander, this healthy turkey recipe. The topping is actually where this recipe is combined: Sweetness, acidity and simply a strong natural warmth thanks to fresh ginger enriched with vitamins from the climentine, lime and pomegranate.

Replace the soy sauce with coconut aminos and this recipe will delight even the most demanding people.

17. Turkey Curry salad

We all love Thanksgiving food, but sometimes we have to mix aromatic combinations to breathe life into the rest. This quick and easy recipe uses curry powder, apples, green onions, celery, pecans and leftover turkey. Turmeric gives curry powder its characteristic colour and increases health benefits.


18. Open Turkey and Cranberry Enchilada Solution

Cranberries, black beans, salsa, cheese, cranberry sauce and turkey bring you south of the border in this Mexican-style turkey recipe. Lovely. Replace traditional sandwiches with sprouted wheat or gluten-free sandwiches and care for cheese and Greek yogurt, which give this ingenious sandwich a pleasant colour.

Turkish cranberry milk with uncovered face.

Photo: Melt a turkey and cranberries enchilada/ walk to the kitchen

19. Rosemary Cranberry Turkey Roll-Up Hummus

Combine scents from two continents in this bag. Cranberries, turkey and hummus from North America are combined in a delicious, creamy chewy sandwich.

Use the hummus recipe, it’s fast, easy and great! The cranberry sauce is reminiscent of the taste of pomegranate that flavours parts of the upper hummus of the Middle East. Replace pies with your gluten-free or sprouted pies or cereal packaging.

20. Turkey and Cranberries Sandwich Green Chile

Think of your favorite baby grilled cheese and try this recipe. Crispy on the outside, creamy and delicious on the inside, with a hint of the warmth of chilli and the sweetness of cranberry sauce, it all leads to simple bites of heaven. Use your favourite sprouted cereal bread and raw or goat cheese as a healthy alternative.

Turkey, Cranberry and Green Tea Sandwich

Photo: Turkey Cranberry Green Chile/Jennifer Yu Sandwich with Real Oil

21. Turkey and Cranberry Chutney Sandwiches with open face

Fresh spinach, the rest of the roasted turkey and cranberry sauce, topped with a slice of your favourite cheese, make for a quick and tasty breakfast. Replace wheat bread with sprouted bread and use a vegetarian mayonnaise.

22. Turkey, remainder Pesto Panini Thanksgiving

This quick sandwich is perfect if you want to give up the traditional flavours of Thanksgiving and still drink the turkey. The shine of pesto (naturally homemade), tomatoes and avocados gives them a pleasant touch and at the same time increases their nutrient content.

Use sprouted wheat bread and cheese as part of our healing diet. If you don’t have a panini, grill it like a grilled cheese.

Turkey Pesto Panini

Photo: Remainder Pesto Panini / Chung-Ah Ri Thanksgiving Turkey, delicious as hell

23. Sandwich with El Salvadoran Turkey

In this recipe the turkey is roasted, but the rest of the turkey works perfectly. Watercress gives a slightly spicy taste, and pumpkin seeds add protein.

24. Cuban Turkey Tea Sandwich

This simple and delicious recipe for the rest of the turkey requires only 5 ingredients. Use your sprouted cereal sandwich or cranberry sauce sandwich as a healthy alternative and toast it according to the instructions. If you have a panini car, it’ll work just as well.

Cuban tea sandwich

Photo: Cuban Turkey tea (Elena Ruz)/Todd Coleman, Savour

25. Barbecue sandwiches with thick turkey

Head south, where barbecue sandwiches are the centre of the meals. If your fingers stick to the sauce at the end of the meal, you’re wrong! Replace traditional mayonnaise with vegan mayonnaise and bacon in barbecue sauce with turkey bacon and sweetener with natural maple syrup. Enjoy your favorite sprouted cereal rolls.


26. Thanks Sandwich

Sweet potato pie on a sandwich? Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Eat the colours of the rainbow with this roasted Paleo turkey, cranberry sauce and a Brussels sprout sandwich. Replace pork bacon with turkey bacon and enjoy.

The remaining paleo-sandwich

Photo: Simple and stupid Thanksgiving/Stephanie Godro Sandwich Paleo

27. Turkey Stuffed sweet potatoes

This recipe calls for ground turkey and sweet potatoes, but at this time of year this paleo-famous recipe just screams out to use the leftovers! Replace the remaining turkey and sweet potatoes and cook them according to the instructions!

28. Palaeo-Turkish hashish

This hashish tastes like Thanksgiving and is delicious at any time of the day. Use the remaining turkey and winter squash or pumpkin and enjoy! Throw in a few green leaves and pick the fruits of this healthy paleo-tourist recipe.

Palaeo-Turkish hashish

Photo: Paleo Turkey hash/reliability

Quick and easy

29. Turkey and bistro hummus

Ideal for lunch at the office or for the kids at school! Use the rest of the turkey at this time of year or fry chicken at any time of year. The combination of fresh vegetables, hummus and gluten-free lavender is a balanced and beautiful food.

Turkey and bistro snacks.

Photo: Chicken & Hummus Bistro Box /

30. Turkey, Cabbage and Quesadilla Cheese

It’s the perfect turkey recipe if you’ve almost picked up the bones! Grow the rest of the turkey and enjoy all the benefits of cabbage in this fast and light Quesadilla. Use gluten-free scones and replace traditional cheddar with your favorite cheddar and enjoy.

Turkey, calais and cheese cheesadillas.

Pictures: Turkey, Cabbage and Quesadilla Cheese / Ideal Pantry

31. Halal-Turkey and Rice basket

A trip to the Middle East finally brings you to a restaurant that serves juicy chicken or turkey and rice. This recipe will not disappoint you.

Replace mayonnaise with a vegetarian mayonnaise, white sugar with your favorite natural sweetener and apple vinegar with the white vinegar mentioned in the recipe. Enjoy the complexity of the flavors and textures in this recipe, inspired by the use of leftover turkey.

Halal Turkey Glazed White Sauce Recipe

Photo: Halal cooking for turkey and rice


32. Pizza with sweet potatoes, goat cheese and leftover turkey

You think back to pizza, leftover turkey and sweet potatoes once you’ve tasted these delicious babies. Use gluten-free pizza dough and enjoy. Nuts give a healthy crispness, and figs resonate with the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes.

33. Fat Turkey

Empty the fridge with this warm and welcoming turkey recipe. Ground turkey, stuffing, gravy and fried milk combine to make a delicious dinner with all the flavours of Thanksgiving. Exchange Panko Panko bread crumbs for sprouted wheat crumbs and enjoy.

34. Tettrazini Gluten-free turkey Casserole

A perfectly fast dish that uses super cereal paste, quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, turkey leftovers and fresh vegetables. This is a low-calorie version of the calorie version we all grew up with fresh vegetable stars, with a healthy dose of protein from roast turkey and quinoa.

Replace the usual milk with almond milk and sprinkle the cheese with grated cheese.

35. Turkey Carnival volume

Pumpkin and turkey leftovers have never been so beautiful and tasty. To make this berry gluten-free, replace the wheat berries with brown rice or quinoa and the breadcrumbs with a gluten-free substitute.

Consider this as a more interesting and certainly healthier option for double fried potatoes! A good dose of nutrients, fibre and a great way to finish off the rest of the turkey.

Turkey stuffed - Carnival Kashmir .

Photo: Carnival squash stuffed with turkey/photos of a healthy gourmet

36. Turkey toast

Quick and healthy meals with turkey leftovers and fresh avocado, black beans and salsa. Replace the mentioned sprouted cereal buns and the crumbled Cesarean fresco with your favorite crumbled raw cheese.

37. Korean rice field

This quick and easy recipe combines sesame seeds, baby spinach, carrots, rice and leftover turkey to make high-protein food. Replace the coconut oil with the vegetable oil mentioned in the recipe. Put your favourite chilli sauce on the eggs and enjoy!

38. Avocado and Turkey Enchiladas

Mm-hmm. Enchiladas. The rest of the cooked turkey is braised by the flavour of the avocado. This recipe revives the remaining turkey and collects quickly. For the avocado cream sauce, replace the sour cream with Greek yoghurt and the flour with gluten-free or sprouted flour.

The avocado enchiladas

Photo: Turkish avocado enchiladas/Advocado dinner, dishes and desserts Photo courtesy of Erin

39. Thanksgiving remains the hashbrown

Shepherd’s Pie, another gift from England, is a great way to use leftover turkey, vegetables, stuffing and potatoes in a dish. The white puree is traditional, but you can exchange it for the rest of the sweet puree.

40. Thanksgiving Turkey and Pumpkin Risotto

Risotto is generally considered an Italian dish, but the addition of warming spices, including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, paprika and cumin, turns the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving into something dynamic. Replace Parmigiano Reggiano with your favorite dry cheese and enjoy.

41. Cold Asian noodles with peanut sauce

This beautiful bowl of goodness requires poaching of chickens, but the remaining turkey also works. Replace the peanut oil with another peanut oil or seed oil as recommended in the recipe. If you don’t have a turkey lying around, follow the instructions for cooking poached chicken, that’s great too.

Sesame chicken noodles.

Photo: Cold Asian Noodles with Peanut Sauce/

42. Peppers filled with leftovers Thanksgiving

Flavors of Italy in combination with leftover turkey? Divine. Replace cheddar with cheese or sheep’s cheese and use any peppers you have at hand. Green, yellow, red and orange peppers would be just as tasty and beautiful in this quick and easy recipe.

43. Remaining Thanksgiving eggs Benedict

The rest of the turkey for breakfast? Yeah, and the rest of the stuffing and the sauce and the cranberry sauce. These aren’t your traditional Benedictine eggs. Replace English cupcakes with sprouted English cupcakes and enjoy!

44. Gluten-free biscuits for chicken or turkey

On cold days, the pots evoke a kind of childlike joy and warmth. Of course, these dishes were not the healthiest when they were children, but this recipe is filled with vegetables, supplemented with gluten-free biscuits and thickened with gluten-free flour instead of heavy cream.


Photo: Gluten-free Turkey cake Cake with biscuits / MomSugar-free

45. Turkey Egg Breakfast Casserole

The rest of the turkey, cabbage, eggs and cheese, flavoured with the right amount of green. Replace Gouda with raw cheese and enjoy. Ideal for breakfast or a light lunch with a matching salad.

46. Curry potatoes from Turkey

Take a trip to India for a bowl of turkey with curry, or just make some Thanksgiving turkey at home. Use 1½ cup roast turkey and 1½ cup potatoes and 2 cups chopped tomatoes. If you want the curry wetter, you can add a splash or two of coconut milk.

47. Grilled turkey Pizza

Spice up the rest of your holiday with this pizza recipe. Use our sweet BBQ sauce recipe that contains no honey-sweetened refined sugar. Pizza works well together; use your favourite gluten-free pizza recipe, or drop by your local pizzeria with a gluten-free crust and ask if you can only buy the dough. Many will allow you!

Barbecue Pizza Turkey

Photo: Barbecue Pizza Turkey/White on Rice pair