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17 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Inflammation causes discomfort and severe inflammation is uncontrollable. Here are some foods that cause inflammation. Anything baked, oils with an excess of omega 6, grain meat, highly refined flour, sugar, alcohol, dairy products, trans fats, bread, cold cuts, additives, corn syrup, iodised salt, peanuts, seitan, agave, packaged juices.

Ignition isn’t always bad. In case of injury, the body reacts with an inflammation to protect itself from further damage. However, when the inflammation becomes a permanent disorder in the body, it can lead to serious diseases, including obesity, constant fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, and so on. What causes this constant inflammation in your body? It’s nothing more than a certain food you probably eat every day. Here are 17 foods that can cause inflammation in your body.

1. Something. This is toasted.

If you fry food in vegetable oil, you hurt yourself. EFA (glycation-enhanced end product) contributes to the inflammation of fried foods. The more ACE in the body, the more inflammation. Studies have shown that reducing consumption of fried foods leads to lower EFA levels in humans.

2. Surplus of omega-6 oils

Whether it is vegetable oil or another kind of oil, if it contains too much omega 6, it can contribute to the inflammation. The cause of the inflammation caused by omega-6 fatty acids is their breakdown into prostaglandins, as well as many other proteins that contribute to the inflammation in the body.

3. Meat of animals eating grain

17 Foods That Cause Inflammation

There are two reasons why meat can cause chronic inflammation. First the cattle are now fed on grain, whereas they used to be fed on grass. These animals then need various antibiotics for good growth, which are also present in the feed. In addition, the high saturated fat content in meat also causes inflammation.

4. Very refined flour

The crushed flour travels faster through the digestive tract. Rapid digestion leads to a rapid increase in sugar and insulin levels in the body. This reaction is accompanied by an inflammation. The main marker of the inflammation in this flour is PAI-1.

5. Sugar

If you eat too much sugar, you cause an excess of sugar that produces cytokines. Cytokines are directly related to inflammation in the body. Avoid sugar not only in your usual cup of coffee or tea, but also in the form of candy and jelly.

6. Alcohol

We place alcohol after sugar, because the high sugar content of alcohol is one of the main causes of the inflammation. Remember, alcohol is the most harmful to your liver. Prolonged alcohol consumption causes inflammation of the liver. If neglected, this inflammation can lead to swelling.

7. Dairy products

Dairy products

The main reason why the consumption of dairy products can cause inflammation is that the human body is unable to digest certain proteins properly. Lactose and casein are abundant in dairy products. These are the two culprits that can lead to chronic inflammation if you continue to consume dairy products.

8. Trans fats

Two inflammatory markers, TNF alpha and IL-6, are abundant in trans fats. This is why trans-fatty acids can cause inflammation. Be aware that many foods in your daily diet contain trans fats, including margarine and various fast food products. Avoid so-called hydrogenated foods because they contain trans fats.

9. Bread

The bread you buy in the shop can cause inflammation. This type of bread is made in a very short time, which leads to insufficient fermentation. This poor fermentation reduces the amount of gluten and starch in the bread, making it difficult for the digestive system to digest. Bowel inflammation is caused by eating these loaves.

10. Processed meat products

If you’re a fan of sausages and snots, you should read this. These items are very high in saturated fats and EFAs. The pasteurisation and drying processes of this meat lead to the formation of EFAs. The more you eat these things, the more susceptible you are to chronic diseases.

11. Additives

Food additives

Many ice creams and almost all sweets you eat contain artificial additives. Since these ingredients are artificial, we can conclude that your body has no special function in digesting them. Your body’s natural response to artificial colors and other additives is to fight them, causing inflammation.

12. Corn syrup

You’d be surprised how often corn syrup is present in the food you eat. Corn syrup even leaves sugar behind in terms of fructose content. Sugar contains 50% fructose and 55% corn syrup. The high fructose corn syrup has many names, such as corn syrup, helium, glucose syrup, etc..

13. Iodized salt.

Although it does not cause direct inflammation, the sodium in salt causes an increase in blood volume when the kidneys cannot remove enough salt from the blood. When your blood dilates, your veins dilate at the same time.

14. Peanut


The reason that peanuts cause an inflammation is the presence of fungus on the peanuts. When these allergens enter your body, your immune system reacts, causing an inflammation.

15. Seitan

Vegans and vegetarians find the idea of eating artificial meat intriguing. What they don’t know, however, is that this meat is often the result of wheat proteins that have undergone an extreme texturing process. This meat is processed and causes inflammation, just like red meat.

16. Agave

People are often asked to use it instead of sugar. What one does not know is that agave contains almost twice as much fructose as white sugar. The more agave you take, the more damage you do to your liver.

17. Packed fruit juices

The packaged juices are almost always pasteurised, which results in very high temperatures. This process even kills the good bacteria in the juice. All you get is sugar. As mentioned several times, sugar causes an inflammation in your body. Keep fresh juices as close together as possible and packed juices as far away as possible.

So now you know which foods to avoid or consume in moderation. If you have an inflammation problem, it is best to avoid the foods on the list.