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11 Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

The benefits of citronella tea include detoxifying the body, protecting the body against biofilm activity, preventing anemia, strengthening the body’s immunity, supporting healthy skin, relieving insomnia, and treating headaches and migraines. Other benefits include help with breathing, treatment of diabetes, treatment of fever, and help with digestion.

Natural teas have made a strong comeback in the world of health and fitness, and their uses and benefits are numerous. The purpose of this article is to discuss how the daily consumption of lemon tea can improve physical and mental health in the long term.

History and origin

Native to South Asia, lemongrass is a serpentine plant of the Poaceae family. It is grown in most parts of Southeast Asia and Africa. It was first introduced to the Indian subcontinent about 1000 years ago. Most of the citronella trade in India took place in the 1950s.

Traces of citronella have been found. And they emphasize the widespread use of citronella in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian medicine. Moreover, its use in perfumery has been known throughout history.

Here are 11 amazing health benefits of lemongrass tea

The nutritional composition of lemongrass tea itself shows the positive effects it can have on your overall health. We then discuss how the plant helps to strengthen immunity, improve circulation and detoxify the body.

1. Detoxification

Lemongrass is an excellent stimulant and cleanser. Zitronengras-Tee can be very helpful in increasing the water’s capacity to clean the water and the kidneys. Due to environmental inflows as well as an unhealthy supply, toxins in the corpse melt together. Zitrongrass helps to clean the corpse, which results in an orderly circulation of nutrients and minerals to all live-bearing organs.

2. Antibiofilm-proprietary shelves

Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium, which is extremely resistant to antibiotics. Zitronengras-Tee contains phytochemicals and phenols, which help to protect and control the corps for biofilm activities, which can use this particular form of bacteria.

3. Prävention von Anämie

The humane corporation calls for comprehensive requirements for the maintenance of poorer white collar corpses as well as the Hämoglobins. Zitronengras-Tee is ideal for people who lead an Anämie. Das im Zitronentee enthaltene Folat fördert eine beter Eisenaufnahme.

4. Enhanced immunity

The body builds an immune system against infections and diseases by extracting nutrients from the food we eat. Lemongrass tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, and vitamin C in particular has a proven effect on the immune system. Vitamin C, in combination with antioxidants, strengthens the immune system and helps fight the most persistent infections and bacteria, such as colds.

5. Healthy skin

Lemongrass tea offers excellent toning properties, and its astringent and antiseptic properties will be expected by any skincare enthusiast. Lemongrass helps cleanse the body through detoxification and also prevents rash and skin problems due to its high vitamin C content.

6. Relief of insomnia

Lemongrass tea is very effective in calming the nerves. People who have trouble falling asleep often use magnesium oil sprays or magnesium supplements to help them sleep. Lemongrass tea is a natural source of magnesium. And along with other nutrients and minerals, drinking a cup of lemon tea about an hour before bedtime every night will help you get rid of the symptoms associated with insomnia and sleep like a baby.

7. Natural analgesic

The analgesic properties of lemon tea are very effective in the treatment of headaches and migraines. The nutrients in lemongrass are antispasmodic and also help to reduce cramps. Lemongrass promotes muscle recovery and is ideal for drinking lemongrass water after an intensive workout.

8. Respiration

A stuffy nose and a sore throat can really suck you in. Lemongrass tea is very beneficial and helps cleanse the nasal cavity and relieve sore throats. The vitamins and minerals it contains work together to keep your respiratory system healthy and free of infections.

9. Treatment of diabetes

Lemon-grey tea should be the drink of choice for people with type 2 diabetes. The lemon milk found in citronella helps regulate blood sugar levels and also helps control insulin levels.

10. Treatment of fever

For the Greeks and Romans, lemongrass tea was considered the best cure for fever. The next time you feel the fever rising, a cup of lemon tea will certainly help alleviate the symptoms and help you relax.

11. Digestion

Lemongrass tea after a large meal can help improve digestion, especially if you have eaten a lot and feel bloated. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, but the plant also reduces inflammation in the intestine for good digestion.


A cup or two of lemongrass a day is a very healthy addition to everyone’s diet. Take dried or fresh leaves and make yourself a cup for incredible benefits.